Welcome from Sheriff Tyrone Clark, Sr.

I am pleased to welcome you the Sumter County Sheriff's Office official website. It is a privilege and honor to serve you as Sheriff of Sumter County.  On behalf of all the members of this agency, I want to thank the citizens of Sumter County for your  support to the department. We are honored to protect and serve the citizens of Sumter County.

I hope you will find this website resourceful and benefitical. 

The mission of the Sumter County Sheriff’s Department is protection of life and property, the preservation of  public peace and enforcement of the law. We will serve citizens with fairness, integrity, and respect.

To ensure an effective line of communication, the Sumter County Sheriff's Office, maintains an open door policy.  Should you need us, call us... we are here to serve you. Phone: (205) 652-2841, Fax: (205) 652-7981 or email me at sheriffclark@aol.com

Code of Alabama - Title 36: Section 36-22-3 

(1) To execute and return the process and orders of the courts of record of this state and of officers of competent authority with due diligence when delivered to him for that purpose, according to law.

(2) To attend upon the circuit courts and district courts held in his county when in session and the courts of probate, when required by the judge of probate, and to obey the lawful orders and directions of such courts.

(3) The sheriff of each county must, three days before each session of the circuit court in his county, render to the county treasury or custodian of county funds a statement in writing and on oath of the moneys received by him for the county, specifying the amount received in each case, from whom and pay the amount to the county treasurer or custodian of county funds.

(4) It shall be the duty of sheriffs in their respective counties, by themselves or deputies, to ferret out crime, to apprehend and arrest criminals and, insofar as within their power, to secure evidence of crimes in their counties and to present a report of the evidence so secured to the district attorney or assistant district attorney for the county.

(5) To perform such other duties as are or may be imposed by law.
Sumter County Alabama 
Office of Sheriff
“Committed to excellence, professionalism, and fairness in accordance with the law”
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Tyrone Clark, Sr.  SHERIFF

Tyrone Clark, Sr., Sheriff
Courthouse security is an important component of the day to day operation of the Sumter County Sheriff's Office.  The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office maintains order in the courtroom and other areas to ensure that court can be conducted in an orderly fashion free of noise and distractions.

Courthouse security staff is  watchful to identify potential problems and take measures to prevent them.

No weapons are allowed in the courthouse. This includes guns, sharp objects as pocket knives, box cutters, or anything that may be used as a weapon.

When entering the Sumter County Court House, you will be subjected to a mandatory security screenings.  You will be required to walk through metal detectors.

Be prepared to remove cell phones, pagers, coins, keys, metal buckles. 

Large handbags maybe searched and the hand detector wand may be used if necessary.

Please notify us if you have a medical condition that prohibits you from walking though metal detector.
Courthouse Security 
Post Office Box 773 
118 Hospital Drive
Livingston, AL 35470

Dispatch: 205-652-2841
Phone: (205) 652-7984
Fax: (205) 652-7981
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